About the Show

Ever feel like everybody keeps asking: What are you “going to do next”?

Should you go to college? Get some real world experience? Either way, where do you start? How do you discover what to study? What to explore?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could “try on” a few different options?

Welcome to #whenigrowup, an initiative to help young adults match their passions, talents and desired lifestyles with potential education and career paths. Each day we interact with our followers on social media, giving them tools, resources and challenges that help them determine their best path. All you need to do is follow and participate:

Along with the social media interaction, we have a site full of tools including career resources and a mini video series called “When I Grow Up” that follows 6 young adults as they try on their dream careers and find out what they actually want from a career.

What if you could live your passion and use your skills every day in a career? That doesn’t have to just be a dream… it can become reality. Join us on this journey to discover your passions and try on a few paths of your own.

Join the conversation at #whenigrowup.